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    A must read for all caregivers that will show that change is not always negative.

    Author Bette Lee Crosby’s "Spare Change" is a quirky mix of Southern flair, serious thoughts about important things in life, madcap adventures of a young boy, and a late change of heart that made all the difference in the life of an unusually independent woman. Olivia Westerly, who at an age when most of her friends are knitting booties for their grandchildren, marries for the first time. For nearly forty years she's avoided such an entanglement, because marriage means children and the very thought of children sends a shiver up her spine. With a flippant no thank you, Olivia goes her merry way until Charlie Doyle happens along. Blinded by love and trusting that a man ten years her senior is beyond the age of wanting children, Olivia marries Charlie, only to have him topple over dead while they're honeymooning in Miami.

    "How To Forgive," by author Lynda Bevan, will assist you in unraveling the past and help you to let go of the feelings which are holding you back. Forgiveness is a choice, but to forgive is not always easy. In fact, many people who would like to let go of anger and forgive are stumped with the question of how to forgive. This step-by-step guide will help you acknowledge your emotions and deal with the issues those emotions identify.

    For more than 40 years, Dr. Rugel has observed how quickly spouses feel disregarded in marriage and respond in a manner that upsets the partner. Their tranquil interactions then spiral into an unpleasant argument or into emotional distancing. Based on concepts from family systems theory, Dr. Rugel guides the reader through the process of recognizing and avoiding these destructive patterns, thus helping to bring the relationship back to harmony. In "Taming Marital Arguments," readers will learn several things including: Learning why spouses get stuck in repetitive, useless arguments. Determining what you need to work on to improve your marriage. Conquering your own defensive/self-protective tendencies, and recovering the friend and lover your partner used to be.

    Mild mannered attorney Herman Franck, Esq. chronicles his once in a million chance meeting of the supermodel known as Sassafras in "How to Marry and Keep a Supermodel." Two kids later, hollywood meets civil litigator when Sassafras goes into a mid wife crisis and falls in love with another man, an A list movie star. How on earth can the regular guy attorney possibly win back his wife from this A lister? Whether your wife can come back will depend on the particulars of your circumstances, but these patterns emerge: the mid wife crisis is a phase, it isn't permanent. The other man will be gone at some point. If you let your pride take over, you will dump your wife. If your wife and family are the key to your life, you will find a method to do as the author did, and start a campaign to win her back.

    You've seen Doug and Jackie Christie on Larry King Live, Tyra Banks, Access Hollywood, People Magazine, Just to name a few! Now, The most talked about couple in sports history and the co-authors of the wildly popular book, "No Ordinary Love: A True Story of Marriage and Basketball," are back! Their new, much anticipated book, "Luv-Pons!" is a fun, variety, love and romance guide for couples. Desire, passion and intimacy are all a part of successful relationships, and With family, careers, and the franticness of the twenty-first century, all a huge part of our lives, how do we find time for each other? we're often asked, Luv-Pons, and we'll share our success with all of you, and show you how Luv-Pons are the answer! In this fun, little, variety guide we show you how to keep the fire burning in your relationship with easy, innovative, sure-fire ideas and solutions!

    Dating has never been more fun or diverse than how J.J. Smith describes it in "Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating." Smith has created a valuable collection of resources for women facing the dating world. Mixed in with Smith's own laugh out-loud crazy dating stories are explanations about the three types of love, how to deal with a stalker, how to "check men out" to see if they are suitable or available partners, why the vagina is a tool of female empowerment, and reasons for learning the art of striptease.