Book reviews on business.

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    Stocks, Bonds and Taxes

    Lots of excellent advice


    How to plan for a Tax-Free Retirement

    The Lady with Balls

    A single mother's battle in a man's world

    Functional and Funded

    Securing your nonprofit's assets

    An invaluable resource for entrepreneurs.

    Book Review - Selling to China by Stanley Chao

    Comprehensive Guide for Doing Business in China.

    Book Review - Houses and Homes by Emee Green

    A journey of finding that one place to call home.

    Stock Reversal Charts Collection from the first half of our current decade.

    Book Review - Greed Disease by Ted Folkert

    Greed -- a lethal disease that untreated will destroy the economy, and eventually our world.

    A must-read for all small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

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