Chris Phillips

I am a veteran editor for friends and family as well as most of my employment positions. I make books out of my friends' writing as well as help them to smooth out what they say, how they say it and hopefully get the best expressions. I have been doing this for 20+ years. I often find myself reading a book and correcting problems I see even after the works have been professional published from big name publishers.
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 Articles by this Author

A Texas oilfield worker is awaken from a stasis-type sleep. He finds himself in the future where man is less important and there is every indicator that an apocalypse has fallen. In the first person, Miguel, relates past memories and what happens in this bleak future.

To children and childhood friends, oaths are the basis for living. When some boys growing up together make a pact like this, it is forever. Life changes that and so do commitments. Frankie is a detective in Brooklyn and trying to solve a string of murders and they keep happening.

Detective Benjamin Kramer's quest to find his long-forgotten Great-uncle Jonathan led him to a secretive attorney in Cincinnati, an esoteric monastic lover, a professional dominatrix, and a murdered temple priestess. Along the way he discovered his family's secret: his mother and her ancestors were Dionysians, members of an ancient, and supposedly defunct, fertility cult that worships Dionysos, the god of wine and ecstasy. From the attractive young monk who teaches him the secrets of Tantric sex to the professional dominatrix who shows him the whip-induced path that leads to visions of gods, Benjamin probes, questions, and discovers a hidden Alliance with immense wealth, power, and influence. When they turn to him to solve the ritualized murder of Chicago's temple prostitute, the verse from the Book of Ezekiel ("And the harlot shall be slain by the sword") is the only clue to the perpetrator. Is it a modern day Salem witch hunt or a Bacchanalian rite gone terribly wrong?

Diana and Dobbin her dream companion and dream horse, find out that Sarah is in trouble. They find Sarah's horse and reunite them

The life and times of Norman Schecter cover the times of the Great Depression through 911 and beyond. Norman's the atypical peacemaker and spends much of his life helping friends, neighbors and other odds-and-ends finding their own ways through life. Delightfully written, Eli Rill is a consummate author.

With terror in the offing, secrets from the past and hidden truths in the present clash with prejudice and hatred to provide an extraordinary thriller. GLBT issues are handled gracefully and respectfully and remain central to the plot and characters.

Jen finally is with her family. But why does she feel so much unease? The Evil Queen seeks to control the Rose Castle. Magical and deadly influences float through the night. Can Jen save the day? Will Wyndano's Cloak be found soon enough? Will it help? Can she save her family? Can she save the kingdom?

God's Equal Rights Amendment

The children of Israel are moving into the Promised Land. But there are problems. How can the land be divided when the male head dies with only daughters to inherit? Rizpah seeks justice .

AD: Do we create our own reality? Scientists of a special team are seeking connections between the living and the dead related to the causes of the natural disasters they went through. Come to the Clark House room of the Central City Hotel. Talk to your past relatives. Tell this team what happened to you. Time 7:00 p.m.

Daughters of the Light

Nua and her Grandfather search for the Light while all around them gathers foes and enemies disguised as friends and leaders. Divine intervention is possible and comes when needed most.