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Richard Joseph pours his heart and soul in this divorce driven memoir “Abuse & Betrayal.”

Without question, right from the start of this work, you know you are going to be taken on a thrill ride involving high echelon types, big world scenarios with dark natures.

Book Review - Swing Set by Joanna Kadish

“Swing Set” was so good that it had me questioning if I could pull off trying the swinger’s thing, even if it was for only one night.

Perhaps the best thing Author Arthur J. Paone has done in his Novel, “Caesar, Cicero & Cleopatra,” is to render the historical piece in straight forward prose, using language pertinent to today's world.

We liked how Shine transformed at the end and in book two this could all come together and be a great series.

I am happy to say that it was a fantastic ending to the Neandertals trilogy written by Glen R. Stott.

The impending completion of Robyn brings me full circle on the impetus that started my serious writing career. Since the time I first completed Dead Angels, this is the first time I have come to the completion of a book without a new book already started.

Stott writes with fervor and flair, and leaves the reader anxious for more. Five stars…

...a well-written, well thought out tale and anyone who has enjoyed the “Earth’s Children” series by Jean M. Auel will most likely want to read this saga as well.

It was a difficult book to compose, and the sequel which I am currently writing as of now seems to be giving more of a run for my money then the first one, but I’m glad I was able to write it.