Ray Palen

Ray is an amateur actor, book/film reviewer and runs a successful Theatre group on Long Island. He is an avid reader who regularly reads up to 3 books per week and has had reviews published on multiple on-line sites and national publications. He lives with his wife, Debbie, in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.

 Articles by this Author

Josh Wilker recounts the story of his youth and young adulthood and ties every chapter to a different Baseball Card featuring one of the 'cardboard gods' he grew up idolizing.

Unfair and undeserved comparisons will drive readers to this first novel of Raffi Yessayan that provides excellent legal/criminal system insight with unbelievable plot elements and character development.

Dan Brown's long-awaited new novel, "The Lost Symbol", may be shattering book sales records but the reading experience cheats his long-term intelligent fans.

Reich enters Robert Ludlum territory with an international espionage thriller involving deception, false identities and a plot to bring about nuclear war in the Middle East.

Linwood Barclay follows the huge success of his prior two novels - "No Time For Goodbye" and "Too Close To Home" with the tautly written thriller, "Fear the Worst", that examines every parents worst nightmare - the disappearance of their child.