Book Critique -
Dead Men's Dust by Matt Hilton
Gina Metz
I love to read mainly mysteries but some horror. I share my love of reading with my Mom and we both exchange books and do reviews for several websites. 
By Gina Metz
Published on 04/27/2009
Book Review

Dead Men's Dust by Matt Hilton

Dead Men’s Dust-5 Paws

Matt Hilton

William Morrow, 2009, 336 pages

ISBN No. 978-0-06-171714-7


Joe Hunter spent fourteen years as a Special Forces counterterrorism agent hunting men and sometimes killing them.  He is now retired and living in England but still uses his special skills to help those in need.  When in trouble with dangerous men, Joe Hunter is the man to call.

Joe’s half brother, John Telfer, ran away to the United States with Louise, a woman he worked with, and left behind his wife, Jennifer and two children.  Joe must go to Jennifer’s rescue when local thugs are harassing her over a debt that John left unpaid.  Jennifer shows him a letter she received from Louise stating that John had disappeared again and is requesting the help of Joe to locate him.  Jennifer begs him to find John and bring him home.  After easily taking care of the thugs that have been harassing Jennifer, John heads off to the U.S. in search of John.

He begins his trip in Florida where he hooks up with his old buddy Jared Rington aka Rink and then they are off to Arkansas to meet Louise and begin their search.  Rink and Joe have worked together in the past and are a formidable pair.

John has a history of trouble, gambling and disappearing.  Finding him will not be easy and it appears they are not the only ones searching for John.  Their search will take them across country.   Joe and Rink will have to faceoff with many dangerous men to try to locate John including a vicious serial killer named Tubal Cain. 

Dead Man’s Dust is non-stop action.   It is a page turner that one will want to read in one setting.  I look forward to future books featuring Joe Hunter.  Matt Hilton has created a character and his associates that mystery fans will love.