ODC Press (2012)
ISBN 9780985400606
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (4/12)

In “Redemption” by Olivia Duncan Craig, Devin Blair is the Vice President of Mergers and Acquisition for Geo Assets, which is one of the universe’s largest interplanetary mining companies. He is also the owner’s son. Being the heir to the owner keeps people at a distance from him. He has a few close friends, but at his core he is lonely. Having had his heart ripped to pieces by an ex-wife, Devin decides to take the advice of a friend and do something drastic. He contacts Redemption Unlimited which provides high-end bond mates. Wanting someone to act in the capacity as personal assistant and companion, Devin decides that he doesn’t want this person to be short term so he offers a contract for twenty years. Even in the future, twenty years is still longer than most marriages.

When Devin meets Jason who has applied to be a bond mate, he is impressed. Not only is Jason incredibly gorgeous and sexy, but he also has a brain to go with his body. Jason is also a very loyal person. He has chosen to step out of his current life and commit to this relationship because he needs the funds to help his family escape from an extremely dangerous situation. It is also Jason’s innate sense of loyalty that makes it hard from him to keep an emotional distance from Devin. When they first enter into their contract, he begins to fall for him. Redemption Unlimited advises against emotional entanglements since they complicate matters and the relationship is only supposed to be temporary, even if it is twenty years.

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Because of the terms of their agreement, both men find themselves struggling to keep their feelings separate. In spite of this, they share some incredible sexual chemistry which they totally enjoy taking advantage of. Their true feelings are tested when Jason’s past manages to catch up with him. This puts the lives of both men in danger. Secrets have to be revealed and decisions have to be made about where they are going to go from there.

“Redemption” is a well written futuristic erotic romance with a ton of suspense mixed in. Setting the story in the future is an added bonus because it makes things seem much more interesting as far as technology is involved. As far as the romantic part goes, not much has been changed as to how most relationships are today. Well, except for the bond mate aspect. But having characters who have dealt with love and loss makes them seem totally realistic, not matter what era the story would take place in. They also harbor their own doubts and insecurities in spite of their attraction and apparent successes. It is this aspect of the story that I found to be timeless. The erotic scenes that take place between the two men are very well described and not for those who have issues with homosexual sex. Readers who enjoy futuristic romances will love “Redemption” by Olivia Duncan Craig.