Jennifer has been through a difficult time in her life. Her husband, Danny, and baby were killed in an accident. Jennifer receives an urgent phone call informing her that Sam, her best friend, and grandmother, was in the hospital. Sam packed and was on her way to Lake Geneva where she grew up. When Sam arrived at the hospital, her grandmother was in a coma. Reverend Farley gave her a key to Sam’s house.

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When Jennifer arrived at Sam’s house, she was getting ready to place her bag on the vanity table and noticed something already there. It was a stack of about a hundred envelopes each numbered and addressed to Jennifer. Jennifer told Sam that she would like to hear her story one day. Apparently, this was the way Sam wanted to tell Jennifer about her life. Sam explained in the letters that she made a decision to tell Jennifer the secrets that she never told anyone before. As Jennifer began to read the letters, she was in for a big surprise. What was it?

This book is quite different from others I have read by James Patterson. This book shows the writing versatility of this author. When one hears his name, mystery novels come to mind. However, this novel is really at the other end of the spectrum. The book is difficult to put down – you will most likely read it in one evening. This book has “come to life” characters and it will bring a tear to eye. Some authors are good at writing one type of book; however, with “Love Letters to Jennifer”, James Patterson shows us that he can write any type of novel and it will mesmerize you. There is only one type of writer able to do this – one considered a master at what they do!