Cybergator Productions (2010)
ISBN 9780615396590
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/10)

In “The Secret Pillars of Writing: A Crash Course!,” the author Jeffrey A. Friedberg offers sound writing advice that will benefit new and seasoned authors.  Mr. Friedberg presents the material in a manner that is both highly motivating and concise. He provides some creatively imagined and humorous examples to illustrate his points. Because some of the examples are so outrageous, I feel that the reader will find it easier to latch on to his ideas.  He definitely makes them stand out! I found myself wishing that I had grammar books written in this manner, back when I was in school. Having read his fictional novel, “Lost Relic of the Gods,” I can definitely say that Mr. Friedberg applied these rules to that novel, and that they really worked in allowing him to create a fast action, riveting adventure. In other words, he successfully practices what he preaches.
As a book reviewer, I truly feel that most authors, especially those who do not use professional editors, should make “The Secret Pillars of Writing,” mandatory reading material for themselves before they attempt to publish a book.  I found that Mr. Friedberg addresses some common areas where many authors could easily improve their writings. From my perspective, this is especially true in the case of reviewing and refining drafts.  As he points out, publishers are bombarded with a tremendous amount of manuscripts every month.  The majority of these are disregarded if they do not stand out.  An author really needs to make their manuscripts shine.  This is even before they have to worry about what a reader is going to think about their book.

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In the last chapter, Mr. Friedberg lists other resources that writers can use to continue to further their abilities.  These additional resources will help those who are seeking information in more specific areas such as writing screen plays.  I think that writers will also find this section to be an extremely valuable.  Readers groups could also use this book and the resources suggested as additional tools when discussing and evaluating books. 

While I think that “The Secret Pillars of Writing” will greatly benefit writers, I also believe that it would be a great book to use in college level writing classes.  I think that students will really gain from both the information provided and that they will feel motivated to up the ante on their writings. Teachers will really appreciate this!