Patrice D. Wilkerson
CreateSpace (2018)
ISBN 9781729638255
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (03/19)

I love poetry, especially the type that focuses on real life challenges and beauty. I picked up “Through It All, I’m Going to Make It, A Collection of Poetry” by Patrice D. Wilkerson because of that precisely. The author presents the collection in five chapters, each one representing an area of life that readers will be able to reflect upon as they enjoy them. The five areas are Death, Life Trials and Tribulations, Family, Love and Happiness, and Faith.  Although each poem is different, the author’s voice is loud and clear. The musical tone comes out with the rhyme, the deepness of the words shows the feelings of the author’s heart.  I felt each poem and listened to the words almost like listening to a song. Some are longer than others, some rhyme more than others, all felt true, genuine and real, each poem perfectly in tune with its Chapter topic.

Patrice Wilkerson’s skills are impressive. The way she played with the words in each sentence to find the perfect construction to convey what she felt, was effective, as I felt moved with each sentence and as I paused on each sentence pause. Although it is always difficult to pick favorites, I can mention a few I identified the most with: ‘Dear Sister’ page 58, ‘One of My Bad Days’ page 33, ‘Motherless Child’ page 33, and ‘My Prayer’ page 95. I found Wilkerson voice and message to be multidimensional. All poems inspired me to reflect upon the feeling painted within. However, the way the poems moved me was different with each one. This is testament to the author’s ability to communicate an array of feelings and thoughts within one voice. Below is an example of one that inspired me to get up and enjoy my day, although I was in a middle of a painful fibromyalgia flare-up:

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‘Get Up

We are all destined to do great things
Let’s all dream big and live like queens and
It doesn’t matter what your situation may be
You can grow up to be anything you wish to
A doctor or a lawyer the possibilities are
Let’s try our best and strive for greatness
Don’t let anyone stop your shine
Get up and do something, stay on your grind
Put God first in everything that you do
The rest is left up to you’

“Through It All, I’m Going to Make It, A Collection of Poetry” by Patrice D. Wilkerson is a motivating and inspiring collection of poetry that will touch the heart, mind and soul of the reader. I recommend it as a book to be read over and over – a source to keep readers going in their own lives. Well done.