EXTINCTION Geza Tatrallyay PRA Publishing (2019) ISBN 9781941416181 Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/19) “Extinction” by Geza Tatrallyay is a collection of poems and haikus inspired by our relationship with our planet and nature. Within the collection the author paints a gloomy and realistic picture of how mankind has mistreated the planet, and what is in store for us because of the damage we have done. The book is divided in three sections: The World, Species, and Personal. Although these sections are three points of view, I felt they all focused on how we have affected our planet. The last section shows more of the author’s own life experience yet, I felt that it also spoke of the effects that we, as a species, have on our world. Through this premise the author explores the dark side with works like ‘Haiku: eons ago,’ ‘melting Polar Ice Cap,’ and ‘Extinction,’ among others. Through his words readers will visit a world that is losing hope as mankind looks the other way instead of changing their ways. Geza

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Tatrallyay’s voice is unique in the sense that it somehow manages to take readers though this hopeless world of impending death of the planet, and yet inspire our sense of humanity. It calls for us to stop being witness and begin being active in nourishing our hurting planet. Some of my favorites other than ‘Extinction’ are: ‘Sarin in Siria,’ Elusive Anthropoid,’ ‘Fallen Leaves,’ Time Shuffles us,’ and ‘Like Romeo.’ Below is a Haiku I loved to show a little of what I liked most about the author’s voice: ‘Haiku: old age Skin wrinkles, joints ache, Peeing becomes difficult- The mind slows, forgets.’ Overall, though sometimes gloomy, I enjoyed “Extinction” by Geza Tatrallyay as a collection of thought-provoking works meant to touch our hearts and our minds and inspire change before is too late for the planet, and us. I recommend it as a must-read for all humankind in the hopes of awakening us all with a sense of urgency and consider just how much we depend on our ecosystem for our survival. Looking the other way from what is happening to our planet is a luxury we can no longer afford.