113 DAYS

Bradley Good
CreateSpace (2018)
ISBN 9781720873266
Reviewed by Robert Leon Davis for Reader Views (12/18)

“113 Days” by Bradley Good is a very timely book for these current times. The story, a memoir, is basically about various mental illnesses, particularly bipolar, and the current stigma attached with such diagnosis. The author was reared in a privileged home with successful parents. Therefore, as a youth, he was able to go on expensive and exotic ski vacations, fishing trips, and other family outings. But eventually, as he became an adult, he began to suffer from a mental illness that eventually led him to serving jail time. 

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As the author got older, he became very educated and well-traveled, and was able to travel to various Asian destinations, particularly China. He wasn't a stranger in this country so to speak, as he spoke fluent Chinese. The story: dilemmas, failures, and mental health problems basically starts from this point. Eventually, through the upcoming months and years his problems manifested themselves causing an eventual return to America. At this point his problems intensified, leading him to serving 113 days in jail.

According to many mental health experts, bipolar and mental illnesses in general are a major problem. Much of this has to do with the fact that many are "ashamed" to come forward and receive help and assistance. “113 Days” challenges this phenomenon.  The author shares and faces his plight head on, and with this encourages others how to overcome and face their issues.

“113 Days” by Bradley Good is a very good life narrative for anyone, but especially for those who are suffering from mental illness and don't know which way to turn. His story and success over his struggles destigmatizes mental illnesses. Like any other diseases, one usually always seeks help and treatment, and mental illness shouldn't be an exception. A very encouraging and inspiring book for those who are suffering from mental illness as well as to those who wish to understand this illness. 5 stars…