Jim Taylor
Westbow Press (2015)
ISBN 9781490879772
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (2/19)

How is it possible to know God?  The simple answer is through our faith. But that begs even more questions! In “Jesus The Perfect Man in Whom Dwells the Fullness of God,” author and minister Jim Taylor provides a thoughtful and meaningful assessment into biblical passages that reveal the answers to these very questions.  

The first thing impressed upon readers is the critical need to have a relationship with God in order to enter into eternal life. Recognizing the importance of this truth, while clearly the first step down the right path, it can nevertheless be intimidating trying to understand what is written in the Bible.  Perhaps the most endearing part of this study is Jim Taylor’s personality jumping off the pages. With patience, a clear understanding of the Word, and a sensible yet no-nonsense style, he exudes a comfortable, caring and supportive tone encouraging and inspiring readers to want to learn more. 

By getting to know Jesus, we begin to understand just how deep and all-encompassing God’s love is. Divided into pertinent chapters, Taylor engages readers by introducing us to Jesus in his multiple roles – as the Son of God, as the Son of Man, as the Word of God and as Jesus the Man. He also provides significant insight into the Spirt of Jesus – the Holy Spirit. He relates the impact of each of these roles in the necessary procession towards the forgiveness of the original sin and all sin occurring thenceforth, without which there could be no eternal life. 

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This book is compact in length but generous in substance, with too many items of import to highlight in a mere book review. Regardless, I will feature a few moments in the reading providing personal “aha” moments of clarification, along with a need to know more. 

•           God will never tempt us beyond what we are able to endure.  Like many people perhaps, I have had moments in my life where my choices were questionable, leading to consequences that, had I considered beforehand, I might have taken another route. But maybe not. In hindsight it makes sense that I needed to go through all of these moments to get on the right path. I recall a moment when I wanted to give up, hearing the distinct message, “haven’t you had enough?” It was a pivotal moment for me, one that changed my life. 

•           Being baptized is not a free ride.  I’ve always wondered how some seemingly Christian people could be so…well, evil. Is it presumed that being baptized means we can do whatever we like without consequence?  Jim Taylor’s explanation provided great insight for me in this area.  Truly eye-opening. 

•           Jesus literally went through hell for us.  I have never read such a compelling presentation of this fact and Jim Taylor’s delivery of the magnitude of this act will stick with me forever.  The depths of love and sacrifice are beyond human comprehension.

“Jesus The Perfect Man in Whom Dwells the Fullness of God,” by Jim Taylor is perhaps the most well-defined explanation I have read of how to get to know God through Jesus. Straightforward and personable, it is a timely breath of fresh air.