T.K. Kohl
Outskirts Press (2018)
ISBN 9781478791843
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/18)

“The Staff and the Sword” is the first in what promises to be an exciting fantasy adventure series by T.K. Kohl.

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When famous archeologist Dr. Henry Jedidiah is called to a meeting, he is excited to learn that his estranged daughter will be there. Hopeful to move past their differences, he is caught off guard when he discovers that she has no desire to reconcile. They were both selected to go, along with his wife and a team, down to Peru to explore a mysterious structure that just appeared when the earth opened up. Their explorations lead them to discover artifacts and scrolls that have a story to tell about what is about to happen on earth. The Jedidiah family is thrust into the middle of everything. This situation forces them to take a step back from their differences and focus on fighting an unexpected enemy who wants to rule the earth as he is destroying it. Mysterious people appear and disappear while they are on their journey that takes them around the world. An unusual man named John comes into their life. He has a huge role to play in what is prophesized.  John has been given special training and gifts that help strengthen the Jedidiahs on their mission to conquer the evil that is taking over the planet.

“The Staff and the Sword” is a great adventure that focuses on good versus evil. There are complicated dynamics involved within the family of protagonists that are thrust into this story that add another dimension, and the characters are well-developed and complex. The hero John has great powers, but also seems to have an innocence that separates him from the others. His innocence is what seems to help keep him apart from the evil that is able to touch others. This novel take readers on a great adventure that fans of stories like “Indiana Jones and the Mummy” will enjoy. The sub-story of the family issues makes this novel even more interesting to read.

The story does include violence and horrific sexual scenes that might be too intense for younger readers. I highly recommend “The Staff and the Sword” by T.K. Kohl to adult-aged readers who enjoy fantasies full of action and adventure. I look forward to the next book in this series!