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Book Review - How To Be the REAL You by Darity Wesley
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Published on 01/14/2019
A treasure to use on your personal journey of discovery.

Book Review - How To Be the REAL You by Darity Wesley


Darity Wesley
Lotus Wisdom Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9780999542521
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (1/19)

“How To Be the REAL You” is the second book in the ‘Modern Day Oracle Wisdom Teaching Series’ by Darity Wesley. A meaningful, significant guide – the book provides genuine and heartfelt wisdom to use on your journey, be it the path to self-discovery, personal empowerment, a deeper spiritual connection, emotional growth, or all of the above.

I knew this would be the perfect book for me when I saw the title of the first chapter: “Wait! What??? Aren’t I Already ME?” because that is the EXACT question I asked when I first picked up the book! Darity answers yes, of course you are you.  But then she goes on to ask what if the person you think you are isn’t the REAL you – the genuine you – the authentic you?  This book expertly leads you through the process of discovering that authentic self, using the steps called ‘The Five Keys to Unlocking the REAL You’.

‘The Five Keys’ involve accepting yourself, losing the past, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, stop caring what others think and being open and honest.  Having done some personal discovery work in the past, I found this text to be relatable and fresh, but more importantly, it is inviting and encouraging.  What I love most about the narrative is that Darity writes like she is talking to you directly.  Her warm and engaging tone floats off the pages and I often felt like she was in the room with me, having a cup of tea and chatting – my own personal life coach!

There were so many ‘aha’ moments in this book, and each one of ‘The Five Keys’ hit home in ways inspiring me and giving me courage to look beyond my surface.  One area I found a most meaningful connection with was in the final key – Be Open and Honest. This key IS key in creating an authentic connection with oneself, and I spent a lot of time on this chapter.  I consider myself an honest person – in fact, my facial expressions, the way I carry myself, my whole being transforms if I were to even consider telling a story.  Let’s just say I’m not very good at poker. It just doesn’t work, and I’m sure that’s a good thing. What do I excel at, however, is deceiving myself and there is a story included in this chapter that hit home a little too closely!  In fact, I even ended up spilling one of my self-deceptive secrets to my husband! 

The final section of the book is a self-discovery journal with prompts on each page to help you along.  This is a great place to get started on your own journey, either as you read through each chapter or after you finish reading the book and want to put all the great things you learn into practice.

Overall, I highly recommend “How To Be the REAL You” by Darity Wesley. There is also a companion guide for those wanting to dig deeper called, “How To Be the REAL You Go Deeper Workbook.” Clearly written, easy to understand and full of valuable information, it’s a book I will refer to often. Good stuff!