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Book Review - Crazy Beach by L.R. Welborn
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Published on 01/9/2019
Music, the Beach and Humor Regain Your Youth

Book Review - Crazy Beach by L.R. Welborn


L.R. Welborn
CreateSpace (2018)
ISBN 9781983749308
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (11/18)

In “Crazy Beach: Disc One…” author L.R. Welborn provides a unique way of describing his life during the 70s at a famous beach in North Carolina. Given his love for music, Welborn uses tracks from music discs and titles of songs for chapter titles.

For many readers “Crazy Beach” will take you back to a time where life was simple, the small things mattered more than the technology of today, and kids got to be kids. Regardless of whether one lived at or near a beach, you will love Eggs a somewhat bizarre middle-aged man who tends to talk to himself and grumble incoherently while making a deposit of bodily waste in the middle of the street and placing a small American flag on top. It brings back memories of the same such person in our small town, who despite being a small nuisance, is protected by all.

Having grown up in a military town, Track 3 – We Gotta Get You a Woman, had me rolling on the floor. No respectful local girl was allowed to date a soldier, and it wasn’t unusual for the local boys to play tricks on inebriated young soldiers. In Crazy Beach, the author and his friends have a game they play with local Marines called Marguerite, where the beach girls play a cruel but funny joke on them thinking all the while they will get plenty of action.

I found the characters to be funny and sometimes serious – all are well-developed. The writing brings out the kid in all and evokes memories from long ago. The author chose some of the best highlights of being young, adventurous and mischievous. I would have liked a bit more information about the beach. If I didn’t currently live in North Carolina I wouldn’t be able to picture the area in my mind.

Overall “Crazy Beach: Disc One…” by L.R. Welborn is a fun read, slightly over exaggerated but it works. Readers will like the humor and reliving their youth.