Andrew Rodriguez
Outskirts Press (2017)
ISBN 9781478785248
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/17)

In “Mediocrity in America” by Andrew Rodriguez, a Saint Bernard named Titan, born during the “Obamite” era, offers some very distinct views about “Sultan Barak Al-Hussein Obama the Magnificent,” and his disciples.

Using his special ability to communicate with selected humans, Titan warns his human family about “the venomous scourge of mediocrity.” Mediocrity is destroying the values and traditions of America. Titan describes Obamite followers as irresolute, timid, unproductive, dogmatic, narrow-minded, inflexible, lacking intuition, indulgent, and indifferent. I am going to add apathetic and intolerant to the views of others. Obamites tend to avoid enriching their mind and spirit. Instead they choose to allow the will of society to be impressed upon them. As they have become the majority, our society has become paralyzed.

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Our values have disintegrated. Noble ideas have become obsolete and freedom of speech has become vulgar. Titan also mentions how our mediocrity is spreading to other countries because they follow us in the media. Today’s youth expect to be handed everything without having worked for it. They are also unappreciative of the hard work and sacrifice of previous generations.

Sadly, I have to agree with Titan’s views. Working with college age young adults, at times, has been incredibly disappointing because I see so many of them taking advantage of the system to reward themselves materialistically, rather than using the system to build a better future. Not all of our youth are like this, however, sometimes I feel like the majority are. They also tend to randomly spout political views without really understanding what they are saying.

This is clearly visible in the media when we have a football playing encouraging people to take a knee during the National Anthem, yet he is also seen wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt. And now the sheep are following him. I’ve asked his supporters what they think about him wearing a dictator’s shirt, and I either get a blank stare or told that he can wear whatever he wants to. Clearly our youth have disconnected from reality and the ability for critical thinking. They might be critical in their thoughts but they definitely do not have the interest in researching a popular topic so that they can make rational decisions for themselves.

Written in a philosophical fictional format, “Mediocrity in America” by Andrew Rodriguez makes a lot of interesting, unsettling points. If Obamites cared enough to read this, they would surely be offended. I think that this 89 page book would be great if offered as reading material in a critical thinking class such as Argument and Debate.