Judgement & Wrath – 5 Stars

Matt Hilton

Hodder & Stoughton, 2009, 320 Pages

ISBN No. 978-0340978245



Judgement & Wrath is the second book in Matt Hilton’s series featuring Joe Hunter and his friend Jason Rington.  Rington a/k/a Rink has his headquarters in Florida.  Rink has a private investigation service and Joe is currently his partner in that business.


Joe meets with Richard Dean and accepts a retainer for what Joe and Rink figure will be an easy job.  Richard wants his daughter Marianne brought home.  Marianne is living with Bradley Jorgensen, a Miami playboy.  Joe is shown a picture of Marianne taken by the Miami P.D. showing a bruised young girl.  This picture makes Joe even more determined to rescue Marianne.


Joe soon discovers that the danger Marianne is facing is not from Jorgensen but from a vicious contract killer that intends to kill Jorgensen and everyone connected to him.  The killer has never reckoned with a force like Joe before and once the chase begins, the excitement doesn’t let up.

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“The thunders of judgement and wrath are numbered” are words that Jean-Paul St. Pierre a/k/a  Dantalion quotes as he prepares to send another person to their death and add another number to his book.  Dantalion includes Joe Hunter in his threat but Joe is determined to stop the killer.


Dantalion finds that he has met his match with Joe Hunter.   Dantalion is a twisted individual who carries a book to track the number of people he has killed.  He is adept at changing his appearance but it takes more than a change in appearance to defeat Joe Hunter.


Judgement & Wrath was just published in the United Kingdom and will be published in hardcover later in the United States.  Hilton writes action packed thrillers that leave the reader anxiously waiting for the next book.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

A copy of this book was supplied to the reviewer by the author.