Doubleback – 4 Stars

Libby Fischer Hellman

Bleak House Books, 2009, 300 Pages

ISBN No. 978-1606480533


Eight year-old Molly Messenger is kidnapped and her terrified mother confides in a neighbor, Susan Siler.  Susan calls Elle Foreman, a video producer, and asks that she talk to Christine Messenger, Molly’s mother.  Susan contacted Elle because she thought that Elle could offer Christine some good advice.  Elle has had some experience with the dark side of people. Elle promised Christine she would contact her friend Private Investigator, Georgia Davis.


Before Elle and Georgia have a chance to find out much about the case, Molly is returned to her mother.  Christine is just happy to have her daughter home and does not question the circumstances involving the kidnapping or return of Molly. 


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Shortly after Molly’s return, Christine is killed in a car accident.  Molly is traumatized by the loss of her mother. Molly’s father has no idea of what to do next so he hires Georgia Davis to investigate the kidnapping and his ex-wife’s accident.


So begins a wild and dangerous trip for Georgia that takes her across the country following leads that uncover a multitude of crimes.  Doubleback is the follow-up to Easy Innocence and is an exciting, complicated book.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid