Down In the Flood- 5 Stars

Kenneth Abel

Minotaur Books, 2009, 352 Pages

ISBN No. 978-0312377199




Danny Chaisson, New Orleans attorney, befriends Louis Sams who is asked to testify before a grand jury against his employer, a concrete manufacturer.   Danny has experienced testifying before the grand jury and his receptionist asks him to advise Sams.   Louis Sams is hesitant to agree but his son has legal problems and Sams is told his son’s problems will disappear if he testifies.

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Sams’ employer is rumored to have mob ties and is suspected of using defective materials.  Just before the hurricane hits, Sams disappears.  Danny is sure that he has been captured by the mob.  Mickie Vega, Danny’s wife and ATF Agent, can’t evacuate because of her duties.  Mickie and Danny send their daughter to safety and Mickie expects Danny to follow but he cannot bring himself to leave without an attempt to save Sams.


Take a trip with Danny as he travels through the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina in an attempt to save a man in danger.  The story is thrilling and the descriptions make the reader feel the real horrors of the tragedy named Katrina. 



This is the third Danny Chaisson novel and I intend to read the first two.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid