Book Critique -
Double Exposure by Michael Lister
Patricia Reid
I share my love of reading with my two daughters and my granddaughter. One daughter loves romance, the other loves mystery and my granddaughter, twenty-one, reads a variety of books. Reviewing books has introduced me to many authors that are new to me. When I read a book to review and enjoy it I usually try to obtain other books by that author. I work part-time and my main interest is reading. 
By Patricia Reid
Published on 09/27/2009
A thriller that also gives a picture of Florida wildlife.

Double Exposure by Michael Lister

Double Exposure – 4 Stars

Michael Lister

Tyrus Books, 2009, 240 Pages

ISBN No. 978-0-9825209-2-5


When Cole James passes away his son Remington returns to the North Florida town where he grew up to take over his father’s business and take care of his dying mother.  Living in his hometown has renewed Remington’s love of wildlife photography.  Remington’s father taught his son to hunt with a gun and his mother taught him to hunt with a camera.


Remington goes to the river swamp to check some of his camera traps.  The camera has worked but captured more than animals.  Remington has captured the murder of a young woman.  He retrieves the memory card and tires to make it back to his vehicle but he is not alone in the swamp.


The murderer and his friends are determined that Remington will not survive the night.  Remington tries desperately to get to safety and faces many obstacles in his path.   His thoughts go to his wife and family, his past, things that have meant the most to him over the years.  The reader becomes well acquainted with Remington, his family, and the North Florida area that he loves.  The book is a thriller that describes one man’s fight for survival.


Michael Lister is donating the proceeds of the sale of this book to environmental protection and conservation.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid