It’s a busy time for Toni at her gluten free bakery. It’s Christmastime and she is trying her best to get the holiday cookies baked on time. Toni is visiting with her best friend, Tasha Wilkes, who runs the Red Tile Inn. Maria, the maid, came rushing in and informed Tasha that she found a body in one of the rooms. It turns out that the room is registered to Tim who is Toni’s brother. The body is identified as Howard Petry who was a good friend of Tim’s.

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In the meantime, Tim is staying over Toni’s house. The police obtain a search warrant and find cocaine hidden in Toni’s garage. Tim insists he had nothing to do with the murder of Howard or with the cocaine. Was someone trying to frame Tim?

Toni had been so busy with her bakery that she decided to just leave the investigation to the police. She also relied on Grandma Ruth, a woman in her 90’s, who had excellent investigative skills. As time goes on, Toni decides she has to help Tim and gets involved in the investigation.

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Is Toni successful at trying to help prove Tim is innocent?

Not only is there a mystery in this book but it also contains a bit of romance since Toni, who has been divorced for many years, is a little hesitant to get involved in a relationship again. There are a few men interested in Toni and this adds more interest to the story.

Flourless to Stop Him is an interesting cozy mystery and a pleasure to read. There is enough of a mystery to keep the reader turning the pages. The reader will also feel involved in the romance and in whom, if anyone, Toni will decide on as a possible new relationship. My favorite character is Grandma Ruth who is full of life and moves along on her scooter no matter what time of day. She can also out eat anyone when it comes to the cookies at the bakery and has fairly good investigative skills for a woman her age.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, read Flourless to Stop Him. You will find this book very entertaining.