Dead Write-5 Stars

Sheila Lowe

Penguin/Obsidian, 2009, 320 Pages

ISBN No:  978-0451228123



 Claudia Rose, a handwriting expert, agrees to make an appearance on Hard Evidence, a television shows that airs nationally.  Claudia is just leaving the studio when she receives a call on her cell phone from Baroness Grusha Olinetsky.  Grusha is requesting that Claudia fly immediately to New York to analyze the handwriting of some of Grusha’s clients in her matchmaking club.  Claudia agrees to do the analysis by mail but Grusha is insisting that she must come to New York.


Claudia is reluctant to leave California and her lover, Joel Jovanic, LAPD detective, and Annabelle, the girl who is living with her.   Annabelle is much better than when she first came to live with Claudia but will always be somewhat of a rebel so Claudia is not comfortable leaving her in someone else’s care.


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When Grusha explains that she has been using a graphologist in her business for sometime and that Claudia would be replacing Andrew Nicholson, Claudia suddenly changed her mind and decided to make the trip.   Nicholson and Claudia have had problems with each other before and Claudia is anxious to see what harm Nicholson has done this time.


When she arrives in New York and is given files to go over she finds that several of the members of the matchmaking club have died recently and under suspicious circumstances.  As Claudia seeks answers regarding the deaths, she places herself in danger’s way.


This is the third Forensic Handwriting Mystery from Sheila Lowe.   Poison Pen is the first book and Written In Blood is book number two.  The combination of handwriting analysis and mystery make a good combination.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid