“Goom’pa and Shine” by Vikrant Malhotra is the journey of a brilliant star named Shine and how she fell in love  with Goom’pa, a small furry creature called a Poofy who lives on earth in the lands of Palidon. Born out of a thousand rays of color from Prime Rays overcome joy, there came forth a baby star. And that star was named Shine.

Shine was a pure form of light and was very inquisitive. She had a protector named Zydaar, who traveled with her to explore the most remote parts of the universe. On one of those trips she took a closer look at the Galaxy known as the Milky Way, just past the sun to a planet called Earth. There she encountered a tiny creature called Goom’pa. He was a Poofy from the land of Palidon and they immediately fell in love. Goom’pa wanted to be with Shine more than anything but her father, who was the king, worried about her and while distracted with his concerns for his daughter, a power hungry star lord named Rath makes advances to gain control.

“Goom’pa and Shine” by Vikrant Malhotra is a story of celestial fantasy. While reading the story I found myself trying to figure out who was who. The story line seemed to jump around with short chapters and characters that appeared not long enough to know who they really were and what part they played in the story. The Characters themselves were well thought up but, as the reader, I had to stop and start over with a new chapter before I could understand what has happened in the first one. And the next chapter goes in a completely direction and does not flow into the next one, often leaving us wondering what just happened.

I would like to have read more about the village where Goom’pa came from. I would have also liked to see Shine and Goom’pa spend more time together in the story. The characters and the land from where they come from would make this story better. I feel the chapters need to be longer and make the reader feel like they are following the story as it unfolds. We liked how Shine transformed at the end and in book two this could all come together and be a great series.

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The Stories of Goom’Pa: Book 1: Goom’pa and Shine

Vikrant Malhotra
Istara Creations (2014)

ISBN: 9780615985053

Reviewed by Mason (age 12), Ciara (age 7) and Cathleen Summers for Rebecca’s Reads (12/14)