I’ve just finished reading “Spirit Fire: Neandertals Book Two” by author Glen R. Stott, and let me just say: Bravo! Well done! “Spirit Fire: Neandertals Book Two” is the second book in the three part Neandertal saga, and it does not disappoint. Stott has once again provided a captivating, interesting and well-written read. However, now that I've gushed about how great this book is, I suppose I should provide some information about it. *chuckle* 

In “Spirit Fire: Neandertals Book Two,” Stott continues on with his fictional tale set in prehistoric time. Due to prior treachery, trickery and deception, Cro-Magnons discover war, thanks to two men: Warlog and Rayloc. Warlog desires revenge, (under the guise of justice), as well as ultimate power, whereas Rayloc simply craves power. 

Neandertals are about to become the unfortunate victims of war because of their physical appearance, coupled with their connection to the world around them. They can see farther, smell better and are much stronger than their distant Cro-Magnon relations. Neandertals have a better understanding of climate, seasons and nature and they live in the safety of caves that Mother Earth has provided for them. Some would call their intuition and knowledge, magic. 

Unfortunately for the Neandertals, aka Earth People, the Cro-Magnons have a legend about an evil god, Dracolut, who sends cave-dwelling droglits out into the world to trick the people with magic. Once all the people are tricked, Dracolut will remove the sun from the sky; casting the world into eternal darkness. In Warlog's fervor to control all the villages, both known and unknown, he discovers the Earth People. And, encouraged by Rayloc, Warlog sets out to eradicate all of the Earth People, as well as any Sun People who might help them. 

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The above is all that I will provide. If you enjoy this genre, might I suggest that you get your own copy of “Spirit Fire: Neandertals Book Two.” (You will not be disappointed.) 

In summary, “Spirit Fire: Neandertals Book Two” was a fantastic continuation of the Neandertals saga. Stott has successfully brought the many characters forward from “Heart of the Bison,” the first book in this epic adventure. Stott writes with fervor and flair, and leaves the reader anxious for more. Five stars…

Spirit Fire: Neandertals Book Two

Glen R. Stott
ISBN: 9781491724392
Reviewed by Author Charline Ratcliff for Rebecca’s Reads (4/14)