The Lord God Bird – 5 Stars

Russell Hill

Pleasure Boat Studios, 2009, 205 Pages

ISBN No. 978-1-929355-53-2


 The book opens in 1939 in Arlington Heights where Jake grew up.   Jake is fascinated with birds and spent many hours studying Audubon’s Birds of America.  Jake’s favorite was the ivory billed woodpecker a/k/a The Lord God Bird.  Jake learns that the bird is on the verge of extinction but his one desire is to find an ivory-billed woodpecker.


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Jake had fallen in love with a girl named Robin and together they studied his book and finally decided to take whatever money they could gather and leave Arlington Heights and travel to Louisiana to search the swamps for the woodpecker.  They devised a plan where Robin would wear a costume made of feathers and perch in a tree to lure the woodpecker.  The plan might sound impossible to other people but not to Jake and Robin.


The two reached Louisiana and did get the opportunity to test their plan.  The result was not a cause for celebration but an event that put their lives in danger.  They struggled to survive with the help of Robert, an ancient black man.


Their journey to find The Lord God Bird and the dangers and heartbreak they suffer along the way make for a wonderful story that I won’t soon forget and will recommend to all my friends.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid