Book reviews on books for teens.

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    Chaos comes to Myrridia's immediate neighbors when the King of Esterlyn passes away after a long illness and the 2-year-old King of Wyckendom is murdered in his cradle, on the same day. The heir to Esterlyn, 12-year-old Frederich DiStephane, is abducted as his uncle prepares to usurp the throne, while an unexpected heir to Wyckendom, Kathaine Severinson, appears at that royal castle. In the midst of these events, Frederich's young friends mount a search party, uncaring of the potential dangers to themselves, and traverse the length of Myrridia in pursuit. In "Kingdom in the Balance," by author Debra Killeen, shadows of past events continue to threaten teh present and new Magical talents arise as those with power in Myrridia work to rescue Frederich and aid him in claiming his inheritance.

    "Finding Faith" by C.E. Edmonson is set during the Great Depression which is causing business problems for Faith Covington's father. She is forced to leave her comfortable life in New York City and go live with her mother in the Pennsylvania wilderness on her Aunt Eva’s farm. Faith’s previous education at a private girls’ school never could have prepared her for roughing it this way, or for the revelations she will soon discover about her family. Faith is stunned when she learns Aunt Eva is part Ojibwa and part Lenape—and so is Faith. As Faith adapts to her new environment and her aunt’s determination to follow “the way of the People,” she begins to discover new things about herself and her abilities. Faith soon befriends her aunt’s Lenape neighbor, twelve-year old Paul Crow. When the properties of Paul and Faith’s families are thought to be worth fortunes, Faith and Paul uncover a dangerous plot to force the Lenape people from their land.

    "Golden's Rule" by author C.E. Edmonson centers around fourteen-year-old Maddie Bergamo who seems to have it all— looks, brains, mad moves on the basketball court, a cute crush, and true friends. Her life right on track to make her eventual goals of the Olympics and a sports scholarship to her Ivy League dream school. But then life topples her neatly stacked plans, and Maddie finds herself in a fight for survival. As events spiral out of her control, Maddie receives an unexpected gift: an ancestor’s extraordinary diary of life as a slave girl. And what Maddie discovers within those pages changes her world forever.

    Nate looses his parents and brother and must move in with his aunt and uncle. However, that is when the adventure starts. And for this 14 year old, it doesn't involve abuse guardians like so many others seen recently.

    Two young men, one black and one white find that they are linked in too many ways. They have to deal with their own problems as well as dealing with the problems of the others life as well.

    Forever by Running River: Book Review

    The Moon Country and Shadow Country have been at war for over thirty years. "Forever" by author Running River is a story about a girl from the Shadow's allies who captures a Moon general's heart. Will this love last or will the war destroy it?

    On their first day in Egypt, cousins Adam and Justin, twelve and fourteen years old, are given an Egyptian scarab by a scruffy peddler. When Dr. Khalid, director of the Egyptian Museum, shows a particular andmenacing interest in the scarab, the boys realize they are in danger. Wishing to learn more about the scarab's past, they embark on a journey down the Nile and across the harsh desert to search for the legendary tomb of the Scarab King, an ancient Egyptian ruler. "The Secret of the Sacred Scarab" is the kind of adventure book boys and girls love! The fast-paced action, the evil villain readers delight in hating, the secrets of the past, and the mysterious ancient setting make this novel a sure-hit favorite for all the young and adventurous at heart. Fiona Ingram's impeccable and fascinating research into Egyptian history illuminates the adventure and makes the secrets of Egypt's past as thrilling to the reader as the boys' dangerous encounters.

    The Seven by Sean Patrick Little: Book Review

    In the new book "The Seven," by author Sean Patrick Little a shadowy, underground, anti-America paramilitary group called the Trust has pooled its resources and contracted a brilliant geneticist to force the next step in human evolution. The doctor, unaware of the group's true purposes, chooses seven children from a bank of DNA profiles and has them brought to "the Home," the name the kids give to the laboratory where they are raised. Through their adolescences, they are subjected to gene splicing, chemical enhancements, mechanical and biological implants, and rigorous testing. When Posey, who was treated with avian DNA, begins a massive physical change, the other six teenagers realize that their time with the Home is coming to an end and decide to steal Posey and run.

    "Defenders of the Scroll" by Shiraz is based far away in the realm of Mythos, where an evil entity has broken free of its prison to darken the land. However, entrusted with her father's magic scroll the only hope for the realm young princess Dara summons six heroes from different times and places to defend her: a hardened Roman legionnaire, a swift Japanese samurai, a mighty African warrior, a fiery Amazon archer, a spirited Shaolin monk, and a guitar- playing high school student. Now, constantly on the run from an army of Shadow Warriors, the teens must endure perilous journeys and face frightening monsters while trying not to fight with each other as they struggle to find the mysterious Hall of Shadows.

    "Welcome to La Beaux Plantation" by author Ami D'nae follows Elizabeth on a year-long journey of self-discovery, personal loss, and blossoming relationships. Elizabeth is a high school junior unexpectedly transplanted from a troubled urban existence into a southern culture that could have come straight out of the pages of Gone with the Wind. In order for her to become the woman she's destined to be, Elizabeth must shed her past and learn to appreciate the most important things in life her family, friends and loved ones. Ben, the plantation owner s son, is a high school senior. His outward calm and southern charm belie his internal struggle with leaving the plantation to continue his college education and his desire to be with Elizabeth. During his final year of high school at the plantation, he and Elizabeth become fast friends and ultimately something more.

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