Book reviews on books for teens.

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    The Seven by Sean Patrick Little: Book Review

    In the new book "The Seven," by author Sean Patrick Little a shadowy, underground, anti-America paramilitary group called the Trust has pooled its resources and contracted a brilliant geneticist to force the next step in human evolution. The doctor, unaware of the group's true purposes, chooses seven children from a bank of DNA profiles and has them brought to "the Home," the name the kids give to the laboratory where they are raised. Through their adolescences, they are subjected to gene splicing, chemical enhancements, mechanical and biological implants, and rigorous testing. When Posey, who was treated with avian DNA, begins a massive physical change, the other six teenagers realize that their time with the Home is coming to an end and decide to steal Posey and run.

    "Defenders of the Scroll" by Shiraz is based far away in the realm of Mythos, where an evil entity has broken free of its prison to darken the land. However, entrusted with her father's magic scroll the only hope for the realm young princess Dara summons six heroes from different times and places to defend her: a hardened Roman legionnaire, a swift Japanese samurai, a mighty African warrior, a fiery Amazon archer, a spirited Shaolin monk, and a guitar- playing high school student. Now, constantly on the run from an army of Shadow Warriors, the teens must endure perilous journeys and face frightening monsters while trying not to fight with each other as they struggle to find the mysterious Hall of Shadows.

    "Welcome to La Beaux Plantation" by author Ami D'nae follows Elizabeth on a year-long journey of self-discovery, personal loss, and blossoming relationships. Elizabeth is a high school junior unexpectedly transplanted from a troubled urban existence into a southern culture that could have come straight out of the pages of Gone with the Wind. In order for her to become the woman she's destined to be, Elizabeth must shed her past and learn to appreciate the most important things in life her family, friends and loved ones. Ben, the plantation owner s son, is a high school senior. His outward calm and southern charm belie his internal struggle with leaving the plantation to continue his college education and his desire to be with Elizabeth. During his final year of high school at the plantation, he and Elizabeth become fast friends and ultimately something more.

    Across The Pond by Storyheart

    This is a book review of Across The Pond by Storyheart.

    Awakening by K. Lippi: Book Review

    "Awakening" by author K. Lippi is a seductive entertaining love tale between a guardian demon and its human. For Emilia Miani, a fifteen year old girl from San Diego, CA, the supernatural world and its creatures only existed in books and movies. But when she went to visit her father in Japan and met Shin Kurosaki, a Japanese demon assigned by one of her ancestors 500 years ago to be her guardian angel and protect her from her destiny, supernatural events begin happening to Emilia and they continue escalating.

    First Night by Tom Weston: Book Review

    "First Night" by author Tom Weston centers on Alexandra O Rourke, aged 16, who is not a happy camper. It's New Year's Eve and she should be partying in San Diego with her friends, but instead she is stuck in Boston, with just her younger sister, Jackie, for company. As if that wasn't bad enough, she is being haunted by Sarah, the ghost of a seventeenth century Puritan. Oh, and there is the small matter of the charge of witchcraft to be sorted out. Armed only with big shiny buttons and a helping of Boston Cream Pie, the sisters set out to restore the Natural Order. Can Alex solve the mystery of the Devil s Book? Can Jackie help Sarah beat the sorcery rap? And can they do it before the fireworks display at midnight?

    Another wild ride with Max and the flock trying to solve a major problem.  Will they succeed?

    "The Legend of Moon Mountain" is a fable based on the Ancient Egyptians' tradition that their ancestors came from Ruwenzori (Moon Mountain) in East Africa. Because the oral history does not give a specific motive for the ancestors' journey to the Nile Valley, author PapaGino recreated how the story might have happened. Shani and her companions, rather than finding their ancestors beyond the mountains, become the ancestors of the people who settle the Nile Valley and create the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

    "The Hammer" by Vance Neudorf starts off on the eve of Corvan's fifteenth birthday where he discovers a mysterious stone hammer. The hammer unlocks secrets from his past and opens the door to a strange world filled with dangerous labyrinths, bizarre creatures, and great perils.When his best friend Kate falls under the spell of an evil ruler, Corvan must find the strength to face his fears and risk his life in order to rescue Kate and save a dying world from destruction.

    When "Alysa of the Fields" ended, a discovery had been made which now propels a quest in this second book, "The Trail Folk of Xunar-kun" by author Tina Field Howe. As Alysa becomes familiar with the TrailFolk, she is also falling further in love with Szaren. Together, they experience the differences in their cultures, teaching them both trust and tolerance. Their relationship is soon put to the ultimate test when they embark on a quest to find the parents of a group of orphaned children.

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