Book reviews on books dealing with self-help.

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    The contributors to "Audacious Aging" give us the science of aging (we program our cells to age, says biologist Bruce Lipton, for example), dispel the myths that have until now ruled how we age, and offer us the new paradigm of body, mind, and spirit health throughout life. Alternately personal and global, practical and transportive, the chapters in this anthology are on the forward edge of this amazing revolution: the transformation of elderhood. As with all revolutions, the aging revolution involves changing the language. The very way we speak of aging is in the process of shifting. Here are some of the new terms that reflect the change in how we view aging: creative aging, sage-ing, spiritual eldering, aging as a path to spiritual awakening, lifelong learning, elder adventure, conscious aging, the third age, the second journey, mitigated aging, new elderhood, and positive elderhood.

    In "Requiem of the Human Soul" by author Jeremy Lent, the reader faces challenging questions about spirituality, history and society: Could our race evolve itself to a higher plane? At what cost and benefit? If we lost what is now the human race as a result, would that be so bad, given our sordid and shameful history? On the other hand, is there something special, our soul, worth keeping at any price? Ultimately, the novel forces the reader to grapple with the fundamental question: what does it mean to be human?

    "How To Fight For Your Goals" by Avi Schneider is a detailed look at Social Combat Theory; the revolutionary tool which combines the ancient combat wisdom of the Martial Arts with modern social/behavioral training techniques. Mastering this discipline will help you prevail in the most critical conflicts, competitions and negotiations you will face in your professional and even personal life. Unlike other theoretical comparisons of martial strategy, this is a hands (and feet) on training system which breaks the barrier between the theoretical and real life-real time application. Social Combat Theory is the book that will serve at once as your sword, your shield, your guide and your traveling companion on your journey to fulfill your life's true potential.

    We are used to psychologists, psychiatrists, and other "experts" offering advice about how to be happy and how to live a fulfilling life. Even though the books by these experts can be helpful, sometimes the best way to learn about life is from true stories. Although "Love Each Day" by author Gail Bernice Holland doesn't specifically tell people how to live a wonderful life, the authentic true stories nevertheless offer timeless lessons about enjoying life. The tapestry of true stories in our lives will always be invaluable. From these stories we not only learn how people from different walks of life live, but also what is important to these individuals. Ultimately, this book inspires readers to spend time treasuring what really matters.

    If you're a survivor, it's important to take one day at a time. Let "101 Tips for Survivors of Sexual Abuse" be your companion in healing and you'll be reminded of the strength and wisdom that's already inside you. This book will help you celebrate the good days and develop solid coping strategies for the bad times. Most importantly, this book will remind that you're not alone and it was never your fault. Amy Barth's background is in social work and she founded the Safe Girls Strong Girls in 2005. SGSG is a nonprofit committed to breaking the silence of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA) and giving girls their voices back. One SGSG project is Camp CADI, a one- of-a kind camp where girls can heal and just be girls again.

    People are obsessed with their weight and appearance, trying to gain perfect Hollywood bodies. Many people, however, get depressed just trying. Diet after diet has failed them. People starve themselves, skipping meals only later to binge. Author and Mind-Body Wellness expert Kathy Balland knows achieving optimal weight isn't about counting calories. The root of the problem lies in what drives people to eat what they eat. While most diet books focus on calories, nutrients and exercise-Balland goes a step farther by looking at the reasons we eat. She suggests readers keep a diary of their emotions when they have cravings. She provides written exercises to explore our subconscious motives for eating, and she demonstrates how through meditation and affirmation, we can change how we think about ourselves. By teaching people how to connect with their Higher Power-be it God, family, friends, or a higher calling-Balland shows them how to get back in touch with their bodies and souls. People's feelings about themselves affect how they treat their bodies. "Lose the Diet" demonstrates how to love the body by loving oneself.

    "Alphabet Meditations for Teachers" contains twenty-six poems that cover topics from A-Z that teachers will find an invaluable resource in helping them become effective instructors and role models to their students. The meditations will show teachers how to replace frustration, anxiety, and anger with peace, love for their students, and a renewed desire to give of themselves for the benefit of their pupils. Designed for individual or small group use, "Alphabet Meditations for Teachers" by author Nancy Oelklaus reminds teachers of their higher purpose, that their students trust them, and that they have a mission to educate and make the world better through the gifts they give their pupils. Each meaningful poem has a colorful photograph to accompany it and reinforce its message.

    "Life Without Jealousy" by author Lynda Bevan is the book to help you overcome the unwanted emotion of jealousy. Throughout the book, you will embark on a journey to discover the many types of jealousy. In addition, you can use this book as a manual to overcome emotional insecurity issues and to give you a clearer perspective on the emotion of jealousy. By engaging in the exercises with this book, you'll be able to see yourself as you really are and further exercises will assist you in eliminating your jealous thoughts and behavior. "Life Without Jealousy" will enable you to become the person you once were or it can change you to becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

    EFT for Back Pain by Gary Craig: Book Review

    "EFT for Back Pain" by author Gary Craig will open your eyes to a new way of health and healing. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional, needle free version of acupuncture that is based on new discoveries regarding the connection between your body's subtle energies, your emotions, and your health. EFT's basic premise is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body s energy system. When our energy is flowing normally, without obstruction, we feel good in everyway. When our energy becomes blocked or stagnant or is otherwise disrupted, negative or damaging emotions can develop along with all types of physical symptoms, including back pain.

    EFT for PTSD by Gary Craig: Book Review

    In scientific studies of war veterans and other traumatized groups, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has proven to eliminate or materially reduce the intense feelings from those flashbacks and intrusive memories within a few minutes of applying EFT. Also, repeated applications of EFT often eliminate these feelings permanently so that they no longer re-appear on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For those who don't achieve instant relief, EFT is still likely to improve the problem. "EFT for PTSD" by author Gary Craig is a lifeline for those suffering from PTSD and their families.

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