Books with romantic stories.

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    The Sweet Distraction by Tim Smith: Book Review

    In "The Sweet Distraction" by author Tim Smith, George Sullivan's life is a disaster in progress. His last few books haven't sold well, he drinks too much, he sleeps around, he's on the hook for a gambling debt bestseller. His love life isn't faring much better, due to a bad break-up that still haunts him. When his agent arranges for him to write the memoir of notorious mob boss Vito Pasquale, it's the opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to make all his dreams come true. What George doesn't count on is falling for the Don's beautiful but spoiled daughter, Cookie. It's lust at first sight for both of them, but George resists her come-ons and seduction attempts because he fears how her father might react. When Cookie wages a relentless campaign to snare him it's only a matter of time before George caves in, but what if things don't work out between them?

    Wildfire by Christyna Hunter: Book Review

    Joanna Webb grew up with a father who brutalized animals. Now she dedicates her life to protect wildlife and their diminishing habitat by working for The Trust. Ryan Stewart dedicates his life to his family's construction company. His latest project is to build a commercial building down the street from The Trust. When Joanna begrudingly asks Ryan for help, sparks fly. What was a quick errand for Ryan turns into a fascination with Joanna. Readers of "Wildfire" by author Christyna Hunter will dsicover whether two enemies can fall in love? Or whether their fiery passion will only consume them?

    Sam Diamond has lost faith in women. He's been married, divorced, and burned in the dating world. He swears off relationships and will settle for hot, one-night stands instead. When his best friend sets him up with the beautiful, equally broken Rachel Conroy, Sam can't keep away. Rachel, a well-schooled pupil of the Kama Sutra, awakens something deep inside Sam that has lain dormant for too long. In "Anywhere the Heart Goes" by author Tim Smith, Sam decides that maybe he can give this love thing another chance, but will Rachel hurt him, too, and turn this hardened bachelor's heart to stone?

    The Second Date

    A story of love Italian-American style.

    "The Light, The Dark, and Ember Between" by J.W. Nicklaus gets to the heart of the matter: The ever fluctuating state of the human condition and our life-long flirtation with Hope. A spectrum of short stories revolving around the very core of what most deeply affects us Love. From the wispy fog of a love lost at sea, to love lost and rediscovered, and the consequences of questionable choices made, each story provides a small glimpse into a commonly faceted emotion. Early reviews have called this collection elegiac and thoughtful, subtly witty, gently tragic, and declaring the stories as masterfully imbued with poignant insight, and a smooth, silky narration.

    Lemon Curd by Homa Pourasgari: Book Review

    Homa Pourasgari chose the title "Lemon Curd" because like chocolate, it reflects the language of romance; lemon curd is a European delight with a tart and sweet flavor, symbolic of Anna Lisa and Neil's relationship. Yet romance is only a part of this story. From the streets of Los Angeles to the streets of London, "Lemon Curd" depicts the millennium lifestyle of multi-tasking, balancing work with personal lives, and the difficulties women face to get ahead. Female readers will find themselves cheering for Anna Lisa, hoping she finds both the romance and personal satisfaction she seeks. "Lemon Curd" will also leave a little tartness in the reader's mouth as it opens up questions of women's roles and how to balance them in the twenty-first century.

    Billowing Sails by Debora M. Coty: Book Review

    Discovering the laughter and tears of a blended family, young Emma-Lee Palmer encounters intrigue, adventure and awakening romance on Florida's remote and untamed Merritt Island in 1905. Midnight ghosts, injustice, mysterious fires, and life-threatening sabotage stretch faith and family cords to the limit. Can love survive the ultimate test? Amid the rich backdrop of island beauty and unforgettable characters, "Billowing Sails" by author Debora Coty offers transcendent insight into forgiveness, restoration and redemption within family relationships. Seasoned with humor and the innocence of budding romance, "Billowing Sails" is a poignant reminder hat the winds of faith fill the sails of the heart.

    Have you ever had an imaginary friend as a child?  If so, you will find Sundays at Tiffany's a very entertaining read.

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