Book reviews for novels.

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    Book Review - The End of Healing by Jim Bailey

    5* The Real American Horror Story

    5* A Moving Romance Novel on Cultural Differences

    Book Review - A Girl Like That by Mary Flinn

    5*Enchanting story of personal growth, renewal and redemption

    5*When the Past Haunts the Present

    5* - An Island Adventure

    Book Review - Let Me Lead by Kathleen Sutton

    5* powerful, passionate novel

    Book Review of Keeping it Cool by Taylor Hardman

    A pleasant read about life in suburbia

    Book Review - Love By The Book

    Need a laugh?

    Book Review - Status Quo by Henry Mosquera

    This author knows how to set the stage for a great read!

    I was amazed at how real and true all this issues and struggles rang true to me, to point that I wondered if they were the author’s true accounts, even though a work of fiction.

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