Book reviews for novels.

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    Book Review - Joel's Wife by Beverly Ann White

    Impressive tale on a controversial practice.

    Book Review - Without Jenny by Mark Gunther

    A must-read story that will leave an imprint on your heart forever.

    When two worlds unexpectedly collide.

    Book Review - Pleasure and Power by Doug Brendel

    Fast-paced riveting read!

    Book Review - Her Viking Heart by Heidi Herman

    A compelling story about love, loss, betrayal and redemption.

    Thought provoking satirical literary fiction.

    Book Review - Eden by Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg

    Poignant and Powerful

    Insightful look into the tragedy of addiction.

    Book Review - Frankie Jones by J.R. Klein

    A wonderful, thought-provoking novel about one man and his quest for the American Dream.

    Book Review - Never Summer by Tim Blaine

    4 Stars – excellent read with a great philosophical view

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