Book reviews on non-fiction books.

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    Interview with Bob Gebelein - Author of Dirty Science

    A guide for all political conversations.

    Book Review - Dirty Science by Bob Gebelein

    When unscientific methods are used to discredit someone.

    Bob Gebelein begins by stating “This book needs to be written.” “The story needs to be told.” You will discover why he makes this statement as you read this book.

    Highly recommended reading for history, legal and true crime buffs.

    Interesting Scientific and Biological Point of View of our Reality.

    Interesting new look into the events surrounding the murder of the royal family

    A work of journalistic prowess

    Book Review - Kublai Khan

    Part of a new, learn history in 60 minutes series

    Book Review - SwitHeart

    A beautiful tribute to the animals that have touched Ms. Swit's heart

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