"Handwriting for Heroes" by authors Katie Yancosek and Kristin Gulick is a first-of- its-kind workbook designed for the adult who sustains an injury to the dominant hand that permanently impairs dexterity functions. Learning to write again can be a rewarding accomplishment along the road to recovery. By re-learning handwriting, doors thought closed will open again, hobbies can once more be enjoyed, and work can be completed efficiently. Adults will feel their self-esteem return and they will experience pride in having overcome adversity. The instruction method of "Handwriting for Heroes" is based on motor learning principles and the dynamic process of skill acquisition. A daily practice schedule will take the reader through six full weeks of lessons and activities. After six weeks, the person will be proficient and can expect, by independently engaging in other handwriting tasks, to experience continued improvement over a longer timeframe. Whether it's signing documents or making a grocery- list, "Handwriting for Heroes" helps adults retain their dignity and return confidently to their lives.