Risk and speculation are not to be feared; they are to be understood and taken into account when making investment decisions. "The Big Gamble" provides the insight, perspective and tools needed to make wise financial decisions in investments and in daily life-after all, a job change, a romance or a marriage are real-life speculations understanding the strategies offered by Roncal and Abbo will better the chances of favorable outcomes and reduce the odds of heartbreaking losses in money and in life. The diverse content of "The Big Gamble" allows it to be read cover to cover, but it is also perfect for browsing. Readers can go directly to a chapter on risk management or economic bubbles, and also consult numerous resources for more information. Roncal and Abbo consider their book to be a work in progress, so they encourage visits to their website for the most up-to-date information on finances and investing. This informative and comprehensive book will illuminate for readers what caused the current economic recession, and guide wise investors in what to do next to protect and enrich themselves.