Chris Phillips

I am a veteran editor for friends and family as well as most of my employment positions. I make books out of my friends' writing as well as help them to smooth out what they say, how they say it and hopefully get the best expressions. I have been doing this for 20+ years. I often find myself reading a book and correcting problems I see even after the works have been professional published from big name publishers.
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 Articles by this Author

C B Fisher relates the dreams, visions and warnings of a deceased Creek Chief. Oktaharsars Harjo predicts coming disaster and collapse of the current system and tells of the Utopian world that arises from this destruction.

Nate looses his parents and brother and must move in with his aunt and uncle. However, that is when the adventure starts. And for this 14 year old, it doesn't involve abuse guardians like so many others seen recently.

Two young men, one black and one white find that they are linked in too many ways. They have to deal with their own problems as well as dealing with the problems of the others life as well.

Grief, Confronting Instead of Hiding

When faced with grief Tessmann went through the normal stages, but then found out how to honor, acknowledge and then let grief have its place in her life.

A victim of the Salem Witch trials curses the wigs he is making to haunt women today. Making them kill descendants of the original persecuters

GBLT Friendly, but NOT GBLT fiction

Amber Lehman has written a very good coming of age romance in Torn. However despite publicity about it being a cutting edge book dealing with the issues for young GBLTs (Gay Bisexual Lesbian Transgenders) this book conveniently avoids the real issue and everything works out more a dream then reality.

Sacagawea has a son while with Lewis and Clark's expedition. Baptiste grows up while living in the White man's world, Native American tribes and the European Royalty set. This coming of age tale is well written and a wonderful read

The Perfect book for SAT or ACT prep

This is the grammar book for everyone. I'm putting on my desk right next to my dictionary, thesaurus and Chicago Style Guide.

Gaea realizes that Man has began using up all of her and hurting her creatures. She wants to get them to stop even if it means she has to destroy Man. With the help of several gods, goddesses, saints and myths, and one very special cat, she keeps from wiping Man off the Earth and still gets Man to think and stop hurting her so much.

To Wrestle with Darkness

An atheist and a scientist battle in different eras to overcome evil and to save the ones they love from succumbing to that evil