I have a huge variety of interests, read voraciously, and am an insomniac with more than a touch of OCD. OCD leads me to research my interests exhaustively, and one will lead into another. Additionally, I am into the craft, gothic art, funeral and death artifacts, psychology, forensic science, polygamy, food canning/preservation, crafting with recyclables, green living, junking, black humor, gardening, monkeys, collecting westmoreland glass bulldogs, mercury glass, primitives and everything!

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An unusual novel, great characters and both humor and suspense

An unexpected story, growing into a memorable and thought-provoking ride. What happens when you mix the holiday season, and a confused young boy with a troubled grifter searching for a sure thing, the big bankroll? This unlikely plot delivers one of the best novels I have read in some time. Richly drawn characters, slowly revealing their inner demons and dreams to each other, offer a fascinating view into the human psyche. You'll care about them, and hold your breath more than once while reading this unusual tale of a kidnapping, a lonely man and a young boy. A welcome mix of humor, suspense, twists and turns, you'll enjoy this book, whether at Christmas time or a sweltering summer day.