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Feathered Quill is a place for readers to find their next treasure. Along with reviews of many well-known titles, we also search out unique books from small, independent presses. Feathered Quill Book Reviews prides itself on giving the reader an honest, unbiased critique of each and every book we review.
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An enjoyable book about what happened after the Ark landed

Bringing her struggle to light

Join siblings Robbie and Saniyah for a look at the historical Tuskegee University

Interview with the author of "The Fish Tank"

Book Review - The Fish Tank

A great selection of short stories

Stories of Celtic Goddesses

Interview with the author of "Lost! A Caribbean Sea Adventure"

A cute story about a lost Arctic seal - will he find his way home?

Interview with the author of "Park Street Angels"

Interview with the author of "When Brothers Meet"