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Oogy had the will to survive the terrible torture of dog fighting.  See how a family and a few other people were determined to save him.

Annie has a difficult time trying to stay out of investigations.  She can no longer hold back when danger prevails.

Another wild ride with Max and the flock trying to solve a major problem.  Will they succeed?

Will Holly and her friends find happiness?

If you're looking for an extremely interesting, attention-holding teaching aid for third graders to help prepare them for EOG (End of Grade) tests, you'll find that Attack of the Chicken Nugget Man: A North Carolina EOG Adventure is a valuable teaching resource.

Did his father really die of a heart attack? Kyle is being stalked by the Philadelphia Mob Boss and is being offered “hush money” by a U.S. Senator. Why? What is going on?

Why does an assault victim disappear before she is examined in the emergency room? 

What does Orthello have to do with this mystery?  You will be surprised how clever Peter Robinson is when it comes to writing this novel!

Have you ever had an imaginary friend as a child?  If so, you will find Sundays at Tiffany's a very entertaining read.

You will never look at a garage sale the same after reading Never Tell A Lie.