The Fourth Conspirator

(Part 3 of the 1970's Trilogy)

Barry S. Willdorf

Whiskey Creek Press, 2012, 382 Pages

ISBN No. 978-1611603323


Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid


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This is an action packed book taking the reader in several different directions.  Nate Lewis is an attorney representing the property owner that shot and killed a crook ripping off his marijuana garden.  The shooter is a former Marine and does not intend to let anyone get away with raiding his property.  Nate has his hands full building a defense.


Nate's wife, Christina Lima, has taken over public relations for her cousins Mendocino winery.  Christina has more than any woman should be asked to handle.  She is pregnant.  Christina's father has Alzheimer's.  Then Christina's dying aunt asks Christina to mediate her cousin's ongoing battles for control of the winery.


While attempting to prepare an accounting to present to the cousins Christina is injured.   Whether the injury is an accident or on purpose is not known.  Then it begins to look like Christina's accident and Nate's case might be connected.


Burning Questions and A Shot In The Arm  are the first two books in this trilogy.  I started with The Fourth Conspirator, but I intend to go back and read the first two books.