Max and Annie Darling are planning a party to celebrate the renovation of their mansion. Several guests have been invited including a mysterious young woman, Iris Tilford. Iris lived on the island sometime ago and had several problems involving drug and alcohol addiction. Iris is not well liked by most of the people but Max and Annie have befriended her.

The party ended up not being a happy occasion at all because Iris was found strangled to death. Who would have done this to Iris? Since invitations were sent only to friends of Max and Annie, it seems like it had to be one of them who committed the murder – or did someone else manage to get into the party? Now Max and Annie are in danger.

Police Chief, Billy Cameron, knows that Annie has a terrible time trying to keep out of an investigation but he asks her cooperation to do just that. She does agree. However, Emma Clyde, is a writer and sees the prospect of a thrilling mystery novel coming out of this investigation.

Max and Annie keep out of the investigation until they feel threatened by the killer and then feel it is time for them to do something.

Are Max and Annie successful at finding the killer of Iris?

Carolyn Hart does such a wonderful job with this series. She describes everything with such detail – from the characters and what they are wearing to the scenery at Broward’s Rock – that the reader will feel like they are part of the novel. Max and Annie are very likeable characters. They almost seem like your next-door neighbors. The best part is the way these two work so well together. I always love the way that Annie, no matter how hard she tries, cannot keep herself from getting involved in an investigation. Carolyn Hart is often called the modern day Agatha Christie. You will see why when you read one of her books. She is a very talented writer.


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