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Island Eyes, Island Skies by Richard Levine: Book Review
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Published on 03/26/2012
While at her cousin's birthday party, young D.C. meets Rob. They have a great time and promise to meet again over the summer, but a father's untimely death and a mother's miscarriage keep them apart. Reunited at school, smart-alecky D.C. and introspective Rob slowly form a bond, as they share time, adventures and sporting activities together; they also share thoughts about the workings of the mind and nature, and observations about the quirky qualities of certain members of their own families. When tragedy strikes again, they try to come to terms with what it leaves behind, struggling to accept the uncompromising, one-directional nature of time. By the end of "Island Eyes, Island Skies," by author Richard Levine, both D.C. and Rob come to believe in the future and the second chances it will bring.

Island Eyes, Island Skies by Richard Levine: Book Review
Feathered Tale Books (2011)
ISBN 9780982926901
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 14) for Reader Views (3/12)

“Island Eyes, Island Skies” by Richard Levine is the story of D.C., a tween girl, and Rob, a tween boy, as they share life experiences and learn to overcome tragedy.  After first meeting at her cousin’s birthday party, Rob and D.C. were reunited at school when D.C.’s family moved to Old Westwood.  Soon after they got to know each other, Rob’s father had a heart attack and D.C.’s mother had a miscarriage.  D.C. and Rob found each other as kindred souls seeking explanations for the random tragedies that had struck their families. Will Rob and D.C. come to accept their disasters or will they continue to be haunted by these tragedies forever?

Just days after starting her new school and meeting Rob again, tragedy struck.  Rob was playing basketball with his father when his father had a heart attack, collapsed and died right in front of him.  That same day, D.C.’s mother had a miscarriage.  After these great tragedies, Rob and D.C. were eventually drawn together because they could understand the magnitude of each other’s loss and offer each other sympathy.  But little did they suspect the worse fate that was to befall them.

This was not the most suspenseful book, but had some redeeming features that made me want to keep reading.  It had some humor and a little suspense thrown in for good measure.  The book was not as much for-fun reading as for watching someone else struggle with tragedy and learn how to overcome it. 

I would recommend “Island Eyes, Island Skies” by Richard Levine to people who like books where the main characters must overcome loss.  I would especially recommend this book to people who have just had a tragedy in the family.  The book had quite the surprise ending that will keep you on your toes, and you will have to read the book to find out what happens.