Book Critique -
Run Into Trouble
Patricia Reid
I share my love of reading with my two daughters and my granddaughter. One daughter loves romance, the other loves mystery and my granddaughter, twenty-one, reads a variety of books. Reviewing books has introduced me to many authors that are new to me. When I read a book to review and enjoy it I usually try to obtain other books by that author. I work part-time and my main interest is reading. 
By Patricia Reid
Published on 03/15/2009
A race worth a million dollars to the winner but danger along the way!

Run Into Trouble By Alan Cook

Oliver Drake has agreed to join the race Running California and if he wins, he will win a million dollars.  Giganticorp, a large corporation with many government contracts, is the sponsor of the race and recruited Drake to participate. 

Drake’s first hint that all was not as it should be was when the cab taking him to the starting point of the race was run off the rode on purpose.  Drake and the driver were lucky to survive the crash.  When Drake finally arrives at his destination, he is surprised to find that his partner for the race is Melody Jefferson, a friend and a person that he had worked undercover with in the past.

Melody is currently living in Denver, Colorado and working for a fitness center.  Melody is the only woman in the race.  Drake is a veteran of the Korean War and is currently selling real estate.  It would seem that Melody has been picked for the race because she is a woman.  Drake has been picked because of his history as a veteran.  The fact that Drake’s father is an Admiral may have had some bearing on the decision to make Drake a part of the race.

Soon Drake and Melody begin to have suspicions about the race and its true purpose.  Next, a series of threatening letters arrive at the hotel and the letter suggests that if Drake and Melody drop out of the race it will place Melody’s mother in danger.  Drake contacts Blade, a person he used to work with while doing undercover assignments.  Blade agrees to help him try to find out who is sending the letters.

Drake and Melody soon discover that Casey Messinger,  the head of Giganticorp Corporation, has his eye on a political office.  It seems that the race is to help further his political career.

As the two race up the coast of California they find that the race is claiming victims and the outcome could even be a threat to the welfare of the whole country.  Can Drake and Melody discover the identity of the person or persons behind the incidents before it is too late?  Pick up a copy of Run Into Trouble and be a participant in the race up the California coast.

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid