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For anyone who grew up in the 1970's with a pack of Topps baseball cards at their side!
Ray Palen
Ray is an amateur actor, book/film reviewer and runs a successful Theatre group on Long Island. He is an avid reader who regularly reads up to 3 books per week and has had reviews published on multiple on-line sites and national publications. He lives with his wife, Debbie, in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. 
By Ray Palen
Published on 06/15/2010
Josh Wilker recounts the story of his youth and young adulthood and ties every chapter to a different Baseball Card featuring one of the 'cardboard gods' he grew up idolizing.

More than just a baseball card book!

One of the best books about baseball and growing up in the 70's-80's I have ever read.

Highly recommended for all, baseball fans or not - but especially if you grew up in this time period and collected Topps Baseball Cards.  Remembering simpler times when baseball cards came accompanied by a nucleur stick of chewing gum and long before these cards were viewed only as commodoties, Josh Wilker walks you through his often turbulent youth and young adulthood.

What is most amazing about this book is not just how Wilker ties each chapter to some (often obscure) baseball cards but that he is able to fully recall minute details of moments in his youth with complete clarity.  You will laugh, cry and feel good about yourself when reading this novel --- I guarantee it!