The fountain of youth has been sought by mankind for centuries. Now it’s been found. Aseso Nutraceuticals has created a product, Sinsen, which may inhibit aging, the answer that a society obsessed with looking younger has been looking for. But it will come at a price. Michael Jeffs, desperate to find a job in an increasingly worsening economy, accepts a job as the head of operations for Aseso. But all it not as it seems. As Michael is drawn in to Aseso’s inner circle, he learns that some people will do anything to make a profit. Astragalus root, the primary component of Sinsen, is very land-intensive to grow. When world-wide demand for Sinsen soars, Aseso must find more land, which brings its own set of problems. As Aseso begins using questionable means to satisfy product demand, Michael must decide whether he can live with his new found wealth at the expense of mankind.

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The Malthusian Catastrophe by Ernesto Robles is an excellent examination of what obsession can lead to. Humanity is like a bulldog with a bone and once we want something, we’ll do anything to get it. Some of us know where to draw the line but others don’t. It’s not a reach to imagine that if an actual company produced a product thought to inhibit aging, there would be a huge demand for it. Robles has crafted a masterful story with all the characters you’d expect to see: the good guy just looking for a break, the charismatic recruiter and the mysterious, well-connected financer. We would all like to think that if we were ever in Michael’s shoes, we would know where to draw the line but the truth is it would be a battle for the majority of us. The instinct to protect ourselves is a strong one and is not easily defeated. I give this book 5 of 5 stars and look forward to more by this author.