The Spirit Book by C B Fisher ISBN 9780805965995

Reviewed by Chris Phillips.


Fisher has compiled a series of dreams, visions and prophecies he experienced between January 2001 to June 2003. The subtitle A Testament of the Final Days before the New Days Begin indicates that this is a series of revelations for the end times.


The journal style of writing makes this an easy reading book. The messages are reported chronological order and reveal successive elements as they progress through time. According to Fisher the majority of them are directly from Creek Chief Oktaharsars Harjo, (Anglo name Pleasant Porter) who died in 1907. Both general and specific prophecies are recorded.


December 19, 2016 is predicted as the date of a fission attack on United States soil, for instance

(pg. 6). Other events and circumstances are present throughout the book. There is a definite program within these prophecies, primarily detailing how these events will change the world order. Although not explicit, there are references to the “dark-skinned” races coming to preeminence but it is often stated that the “New Days” will be without prejudice, regard to race, creed or gender. In fact, according to the prophecies, there will be no gender in the future (pg 46).


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There might be some value to further investigation into the historical person of Pleasant Porter for the contrasts between slave-owning Pleasant and egalitarian Oktaharsars as presented here in the text of the book.


It is a short book of 48 pages. Again, the journal form makes it easier to read than a dry discourse of future events might be. Fisher is traveling around Canada and the U.S. and specific prophecies deal with people he will encounter and situations he will be part of. Among these are specific warnings and exhortations specifically directed to him by Okta and others that communicate with him.


Students of esoteric and modern prophecies would appreciate the book. Others interested in Modern Native American spiritual thought may appreciate the book as well. This book may interest anyone who follows non-Christian based end time prophecy/apocalyptic material.


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