Infinite Love Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9780979482793
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/10)

“Luv-Pons!” is a high-energy, colorfully-written book that is designed to help you keep the romance alive in your relationship. Written by Doug and Jackie Christie who have dedicated over eighteen years of their lives to each other, this book gives you ideas from both the male and the female perspective.  Keeping in mind that a lot of relationships stall when the partners start taking each other for granted, “Luv-Pons!” is full of ideas on how to avoid this.  These ideas range from recipes, to wine recommendations, to poetry and finally to the Luv-Pons coupons.

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While I would never turn down roses, (unless they were an apology for cheating of course), just the thought of having someone do something to show me how special I am by making simple gestures would mean so much to me.  That’s what this book does. It offers simple ideas that are designed to bring happiness to both people in the relationship.  How nice it would be to receive a coupon for something that might be as easy as giving me a 5-minute scalp massage when I am having a rotten day. 

I think that “Luv-Pons!” would make an excellent engagement or wedding gift.  It would be nice if couples could start out with these considerate thoughts in mind.  It is also the perfect gift to give your significant other.  Let’s face it, if a woman gives a man a book like, “How to Make Love for More than 5 Minutes,” he might find it intimidating and emasculating.  This is especially true if the key points are highlighted (not that I ever did that to my ex). I can guarantee you that “Luv-Pons!” by Doug and Jackie Christie will not have this effect.  It is meant to be shared and enjoyed by both people in the relationship.  I highly recommend it!