Christopher Reich's "Rules Of Deception" is the first novel in a new series that features Dr. Jonathan Ransom and his wife, Emma. They work for an internationl medical aid organization called Doctors Without Borders and travel the world providing free medical care to those in need.

While on a ski trip in the Swiss Alps, Emma Ransom has a tragic accident and is killed when falling into a large crevasse on one of the mountains. While beginning to mourn, Jonathan receives a note at their hotel intended for Emma that contains what looks like baggage claim tickets. So starts the adventure as Jonathan slowly begins to realize that his wife was not who he thought she was and the he is now, unwittingly, in danger for his life and caught in the middle

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of an international crisis involving the Middle East and U.S.

There have been many stories with this similar plot-line --- man or woman discover their spouse is not who they thought they were. But Reich's novel takes things a step further by making Emma Ransom a top-flight Secret Agent whose deadly agenda is beyond anything Jonathan could have imagined. The pace is break-neck and the action continous. Not up to the standards of Ludlum or even David Stone --- but an intriguing espionage novel, notwithstanding. I still think Reich raised the bar too high for himself with his previous novel, the classic "Patriot's Club" that I hope has a movie forthcoming. The sequel to this novel, "Rules Of Vengeance", is now available --- and I'm eager to see what the Dr. Ransom has in store for readers next!